About Acme Underground Inc

Acme Underground Inc is a general A licensed, bonded and fully insured small business based in Henderson NV. Acme Underground Inc specializes in the construction of municipal, residential and commercial civil improvements including but not limited to: earthwork, caliche, rock and cemented soil removal and trenching, Jack and Bore installations, Horizontal boring installations, asbestos concrete pipe removal, cast iron and concrete asbestos main replacements, new water pipelines and water distribution systems, storm drain water collection systems, sewer waste water collection systems, Fireline systems, maintenance of Fireline systems and asphalt patch repair projects all across Clark County including areas such as: City of Henderson, North Las Vegas, City of Las Vegas, Laughlin, Prim, Boulder City, and Armargosa since 1992.  Other services Acme Underground Inc can provide are surety bond claim work for local municipal, government, commercial and private projects in default.

In 1989 Frank Sullivan and Mary Jane Sullivan founded Acme Underground, with just a backhoe, a few hand tools and two strong backs.  They worked side by side on all types of projects from construction clean up to all forms of pipe installations.  In 1991 Frank enrolled in The 8 (a) Business Development Program for minority owned and Small disadvantage business. 

In 1992 Acme Underground Incorporated and became Acme Underground Inc. During the same time period and during a slow period of work, Frank and Mary Jane bid and where awarded an annual contract with the Clark County School District to move portable class room buildings to over crowded schools during the out session of the school year. Although never doing this type of work before, Frank was able to design and build a specialized trailer which, moved more portables faster, safer and more efficiently then any of the previous Clark County School District’s contractor’s previously awarded the contract.  This contract also provided an essential building block for Acme Underground Inc’s structural moving experience.

In 1993 Acme Underground Inc. was contracted as 1 of 7 contractors to directly work for Nevada power to install large feeders for electrical substations. This work included conduit duck banks encased in concrete, installation of manhole vaults, switch vaults, transformer pads, electrical pull boxes, interceptor pull boxes and future street crossing installations.

In 1995 Frank Sullivan was nominated for minority contractor of the year in Nevada.  Up to 1996 Acme Underground Inc completed several 8(a) set aside government contracts with the Bureau of Reclamation, Nellis air force base and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Some of the notable projects would include: the emergency repair of the hair pin curve at Hover dam, installation of the 14” water main from the lower dam to the upper control and maintenance center at Hover Dam, The PBX station underground fuel tank installation and vapor recovery system at Nellis air force base, installation of the new reuse waterline for the golf course at Nellis air force base.

Of the eight contractors enrolled the 8 a program between 1991 and 1996, Acme Underground Inc is the only contractor still in business today thanks to Frank’s and Mary Jane’s ability to adapt to the constant changing environments and demands of the construction industry.

In 1996 Frank and Mary Jane expanded into the municipal, commercial and industrial markets.  Within the same year Frank and Mary Jane brought their son Shane Sullivan into the business full time to start teaching him the trade.

Shane started part time after school and during the out session time of school helping with maintenance and heavy equipment operating at an age of just 13.  He was a natural at operating heavy equipment and took very little coaching to become efficient and productive.  He also showed a tremendous abstract ability to work on any type of mechanical equipment.  By the age of 16 there was no equipment Shane could not operate or repair from skid steers to 80 ton rough terrain cranes, from scheduled preventative maintenance to complete overhauls.   At 18 when Shane graduated, Shane started working full time for the family business learning all process of the business building his knowledge and slowly working his way to his current position of Vice president.

Shane currently handles the estimating, project management, safety and field operations.  Shane’s experience in all facets of the business both in the field and in the office have giving him the ability to assist Acme Underground’s clients in Design build projects, special pipeline replacement and rehabilitation projects, new utility installations, well conversions projects and environmental sensitive projects.  Shane has proficient project management skills to assist clients with detailed cost estimates, project budgets and project scheduling.

When talking to clients In today’s market place it appears the bottom line bid price is always the most important item when it comes to selecting a contractor.  We feel this mentality can often cloud the client’s judgment when selecting a good reputable contractor.  Acme Underground Inc. takes great pride in developing accurate bids for your projects. We work very hard for the client to point out potential issues found during the bid process to make every effort to include this in our bid and not have unnecessary change orders. We do not believe in keeping potential issues from the clients simply to bombard a project with change orders that not only slow a project down but also result in budget over runs to the client.

The reputation of a business is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence of the business’s clients can have a direct and profound effect on a company’s bottom line and any chances to perform future work.  Frank, Mary Jane and Shane have built and continue to work very hard at building a strong reputation for Acme Underground Inc based on integrity, honesty, Quality workmanship and dedication that exceeds the clients expectations.  We are committed to giving our clients a complete satisfactory experience. Acme Underground Inc. has never failed to complete a project no matter what the obstacles faced where.  Acme Underground Inc has built excellent relationships with their material suppliers and sub contractor’s by showing them loyalty, prioritizing any concerns they may have and always paying them on time, which in return helps keep our cost’s down and our bids more competitive then the competition. 

Since 1996 to present Acme Underground Inc has grown and expanded its fleet of vehicles, industry specific custom built tools and heavy equipment to maximize efficiency and productivity to constantly give our company a cutting edge over the competition.  Acme Underground Inc. has completed large bonded contracts for large municipalities, power companies and other industrial users.  Some of these contracts would include work for the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Southern Nevada Water Authority, City of Henderson, Big Bend Water district, Clark County Sanitation District, Clark County School District, NV Energy and Sempra Gas and Power.

Regardless of the size of your project, with nearly 43 combined years experience Acme Underground Inc. has the staff, equipment knowledge, experience and ability to get your project done safely, on time and on budget. If your looking for a Contractor that puts quality before quantity you need look no further then Acme underground Inc. Contact us today and allow us the opportunity to become your contractor of choice. We look forward to being a part of your winning team.

our utility clients

Nellis Air Force Base
Springs Preserve
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas Valley Water District