Underground Utility Services

In today‚Äôs extremely competitive market of construction as contractors we need to self perform as much of our own work as possible.  Acme Underground Inc. started looking at self-performing our own asphalt patch repairs several years ago to eliminate the need of additional sub-contractors to complete our work and to allow us to become more efficient and competitive on utility installation projects both offsite and onsite within paved areas.

Design Build construction is another contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings. The traditional Design-Bid-Build process separates design and construction. Design Build typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor.  The contractor then enters into a design build contract with the owner. The owner now only has to deal with one entity, the Design build team and not each separately. 

Fireline or Fire mains are common industry terms and major factors in the design and construction of commercial, industrial, residential and municipal projects. These systems are essential to public safety and must be fully operational and free of defect without compromise.

Nothing can be worse then having to deal with a broken waterline, a broken sewer line or the mess of debris and soil left after a major storm water flood event. The first issue you are faced with is, who do I call? What do I do?   Acme Underground Inc has the solution. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day to assist you with your emergency repair needs.

Sewer Pipelines and wastewater collection systems play an important role in the construction industry. Understanding how sewer pipelines generally work is vital for any construction project. Clients rely on good dependable gravity sewer installations that operate many years trouble free. To accomplish this first and foremost the pipe must be installed correctly at proper grades and slopes to insure there is proper flow with no bellies that can cause additional harmful sewer gas derogating new facilities and causing additional future maintenance cost.

Storm drain and storm water collection systems are a fundamental part of the Las Vegas Valley Area.  Although we do not see a lot of rain all through the year during our monsoon seasons we can see inches of rain within minutes resulting in massive flash floods and serious flood control demands on existing storm water facilities.

The water you receive at your tap is part of a very complex water system.  There are more then 4500 miles of underground pipeline with in the Las Vegas Valley Area.  Major transmission mains move water from treatment plants and reservoirs to neighborhood distribution pipes.  From there, the water is delivered to homes and businesses.  Acme Underground Inc has extensive experience in both types of water systems.

our utility clients

Nellis Air Force Base
Springs Preserve
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas Valley Water District