Water Transmission Pipelines & Water Distribution Systems

The water you receive at your tap is part of a very complex water system.  There are more then 4500 miles of underground pipeline with in the Las Vegas Valley Area.  Major transmission mains move water from treatment plants and reservoirs to neighborhood distribution pipes.  From there, the water is delivered to homes and businesses.  Acme Underground Inc has extensive experience in both types of water systems.

Clients depend on quality long lasting pipeline and water distribution systems.  Most systems are designed to last up to 50 years.  The only way to get this type of service life is thru proper installation, use of quality materials and a good quality control. Acme Underground Inc has worked hard to perfect our quality control plan as well as properly training our employees in the most current up to date installation procedures.

Since 2001 we have installed over 100,000 LF of MLCP (Mortar Lined Coated Pipe) transmission mains with in the Las Vegas Valley area. The majority of this pipe was installed under various contracts with the Las Vegas Valley water district and the City of Henderson. The pipeline sizes ranged from 24” to 60” at depths up to 40’.  These projects included construction of large valve vaults with both mechanical and automated butterfly valves, small pump stations, sample stations, access manholes, blow-off assemblies, combination air vacuum-release assemblies and cathodic protection systems.

Acme Underground Inc has experience in installing Pre-Packaged pump stations, Pre-packaged booster stations, PRV (Pressure reducing valve) stations and vaults. We also have the experience with custom controls, SCADA and telemetry controls both hard line and remote systems.

Our company has also participated in contracted projects to replace nearly 50,000 LF of failing cast iron distribution water mains and Asbestos concrete pipe distribution water mains and services installed in the early 1960’s installed all through out the Clark County area.

In addition to the items above Acme Underground Inc has an extensive amount of experience in MLCP (Mortar Lined Coated Pipe), WSP (Welded steel pipe) pipe, PCCP(pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe) pipe, DIP (Ductile iron pipe), PVC (poly vinyl chloride pipe)pipe, HDPE (High-density polyethylene pipe), Copper Service Installation, Polyethylene service replacements, concrete meter and valve vault rehabilitation, new water vault construction, valve repair, fire hydrant installation, RPDA (Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies) installation, DCDA (Double check detector assembly) installation, RPPA (Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Assembly. FMCT (Fire meter compound Torrance) vaults, health sampling and disinfection.

Acme Underground Inc performs work on specialized projects requiring special services such as: hot tapping, line stopping, pipe freezing, valve insertion, waterline lowering, waterline relocations, jack and bores, horizontal boring, installation of new cathodic protection systems and repair to existing cathodic protection systems.

Acme Underground is committed to providing you with the best service safely, on time, and in a quality-driven manner for all your water pipeline construction needs

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Springs Preserve
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