Asphalt Patching and Asphalt Milling For Trenches

In today’s extremely competitive market of construction as contractors we need to self perform as much of our own work as possible.  Acme Underground Inc. started looking at self-performing our own asphalt patch repairs several years ago to eliminate the need of additional sub-contractors to complete our work and to allow us to become more efficient and competitive on utility installation projects both offsite and onsite within paved areas.

Since that time Acme Underground Inc has expanded our own paving equipment and specialize in pavement replacement for trenching activities. This has allowed us to lower our operating cost and be more competitive then our competition.

We can provide the following asphalt repair services:

  • Repair of asphalt settling from poor compaction of trenches under asphalt.
  • Provide removal and repair of asphalt for utility trench installations and repairs.
  • Repair asphalt damage caused from storm water flood events.
  • Emergency asphalt repair and patching.

In addition to asphalt repair Acme Underground Inc. can provide asphalt milling for utility trenching within in pave areas utilizing an asphalt mill attached to a front-end loader. 

Starting at 3’ wide and expanding to 8’ or wider and from 1” to 12” in depth we can cut and pulverize asphalt into reusable material, virtually eliminating saw cutting, asphalt removal, trucking and disposal cost. After milling is complete the ground asphalt can be blended into your excavated material used for trench backfill. If you don’t plan to remove it right away after we mill it, not a problem, simply wheel roll it with a loader or backhoe and you have a drivable surface for traffic. We can also provide milling down ¾” to 1” to place street plates per Clark County traffic codes and regulations.

Our milling machines are the most economical way to open utility trench in asphalt. There is not a more productive or cost approach to removing the asphalt for trenching applications within paved roads.

Call us today to see how Acme Underground Inc. can save you money on your next trenching project.

our utility clients

Nellis Air Force Base
Springs Preserve
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas Valley Water District