Design Build and Retrofit

Design Build construction is another contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings. The traditional Design-Bid-Build process separates design and construction. Design Build typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor.  The contractor then enters into a design build contract with the owner. The owner now only has to deal with one entity, the Design build team and not each separately. 

 One of the more challenging aspects to designing a project is trying to figure out the best way to build it. Sometimes that can be a very difficult task without the help of a knowledgeable experienced contractor. Here at Acme Underground Inc we bring nearly 43 years experience to the table to help you come up with the most cost efficient way to build your project using the most current means and methods to date.  Wither you are building a completely new project or you are simply working on property improvements we can help you.  Have a problem building a project in an environmentally sensitive area, not a problem.  Acme Underground Inc. has experience working within confined work areas in as little as 30’ wide to install new waterlines within BLM right-a-ways and other environmentally friendly areas. 

Another daunting task can be figuring out how to make changes and retrofits to an existing water, sewer or storm drain system in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Acme Underground Inc. has been working with municipalities and private owners to assist with these very issues for some time. Wither you need a utility relocated an existing facility upgraded we can help you.  We have done utility relocates; RPDA and DCDA retrofit installations to existing domestic and fire systems at commercial and private locations.  We have helped up size fire lines in commercial and residential properties to accommodate for new property improvements demanding more fire flow.  We have converted commercial and residential properties from wells to public water systems, from septic to public sewer system and from lift stations to public sewer systems.

Regardless if it’s a Design Build project or a retrofit project, Acme Underground Inc has the staff, equipment and the know how to assist you in the process start to finish. 

our utility clients

Nellis Air Force Base
Springs Preserve
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas Valley Water District