New Fire Line Installation and Maintenance of Existing Fire Line Systems

Fireline or Fire mains are common industry terms and major factors in the design and construction of commercial, industrial, residential and municipal projects. These systems are essential to public safety and must be fully operational and free of defect without compromise.

Complete Fireline systems are comprised of both overhead and underground-pressurized systems. Fireline mains must be tested at the correct pressure and thoroughly flushed to eliminate debris, which is hazardous to the fire sprinklers. Once lines are flushed readings are taken to calculate fire flow and GPM (gallons per minute).

Only a state licensed contractor, with the proper state fire marshal G/U - Underground Sprinkler Work certification, can install Firelines in Nevada. Acme Underground Inc has a current state fire marshal G/U - Underground Sprinkler Work certification.

Acme Underground Inc has experience with commercial and industrial projects utilizing Fireline system’s with dedicated waterlines, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, automatic sprinkler risers, stand pipes, municipal connections, post indicator valves, fire suppression booster pump stations, fire department connections, DCDA’s(Double check detector assembly, RPDA’s (Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies) and other underground installation systems for fire suppression to ensure safety and preservation.

Acme Underground Inc. has installed underground Fireline systems for large municipalities, private businesses, medical offices, shopping complexes, industrial parks, entertainment facilities, recreational areas, churches, schools and residential communities.

Acme Underground Inc can also help clients with maintenance of there existing underground Fireline systems. The local fire departments do not maintain private hydrants, private valves or private Fireline systems. This maintenance is your responsibility.

Wither you are a property owner, property manager, maintenance manager for corporate office for hotels, casinos, apartments, condos or other complex, you are responsible for the proper maintenance of your Fireline facilities.  In the event your Fireline system fails to operate properly when the fire dept tries to use it in an emergency, you could become liable for the damages caused. Per local fire codes and ordinance, Fireline systems are required to be checked annually. This is very important that this is done and proper records are keep. In the event of a total property loss due to fire, the insurance company can check to see if you had proper maintenance and followed local fire codes and ordinances. Insurance companies can deny claims if local fire codes and ordinances have not been followed and documented.

Acme Underground Inc can inspect your Fireline system and provide you with the proper certifications to be in local fire dept code and ordinance compliance. We can check that all your valves are clean accessible and operate correctly. We can inspect your fire hydrants for proper operation, any damaged operators, leaking seats or other damaged parts.  We will also make sure the Hydrants are properly oiled and greased.  In addition we will flush your system to check fire flows and proper function of the system.

Maintenance of your Fireline system is your first defense to preserving the system and reducing the potential of extensive and expensive replacement cost and repairs.

Regardless if you need a bid on a new Fireline system or you need repairs and maintenance to an existing system, Acme Underground Inc. has the equipment, knowledge and experience to complete the project efficiently, safely and on time.

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