On-Call Emergency Repairs

Nothing can be worse then having to deal with a broken waterline, a broken sewer line or the mess of debris and soil left after a major storm water flood event. The first issue you are faced with is, who do I call? What do I do?   Acme Underground Inc has the solution. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day to assist you with your emergency repair needs.

With over 43 years combined experience we can trouble shoot your problem and respond with the proper course of action.  We are here to assist you a timely manner to minimize the potential damage of your property, your tenants or what the public is potentially exposed to. 

Here is a list of just a few emergency response repairs we can provide:

  • Broken water mains or service laterals.
  • Broken sewer mains and laterals.
  • Broken or plugged storm water collection systems.
  • Removal of Debris, soil and other clean up after major flood events.
  • Fire hydrant repairs form collusions or deteriorated and leaking
  • Leaking DCDA (Double check detector assembly)
  • Leaking RPDA (Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies)
  • Emergency repair of sink holes.
  • Emergency Asphalt and concrete repairs.
  • Repair and replacement of small back-flow devices.
  • Repair damaged, leaking or inaccessible valves.

These are just a few of the emergency repair services we can provide. Our knowledgeable Staff and fleet of Service Trucks and Equipment are ready when you need us. In addition, when you select Acme Underground Inc as your contractor you also gain access to our large network of good quality sub-contractors that can also assist you with your emergency repairs.

Wither you are a property management company, a commercial property manager, a private property owner or local municipality needing extra help, Acme Underground Inc can help you.  Acme Underground Inc is committed to providing you with the best service safely, on time, and in a quality-driven manner for all your emergency repair needs.

our utility clients

Nellis Air Force Base
Springs Preserve
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas Valley Water District